We've launched a new short film!

Father’s Day animation answers age old question, Why Is Daddy Crying?

JC Little of Little Animation has teamed up with popular “daddy-blogger” Justin Lyons of WhyIsDaddyCrying.com to create a three minute animated short that takes a humorous look at fatherhood. At the mercy of his ninja son, his aspiring-princess daughter, and his apparently disinterested wife, “Daddy” seems to be on the verge of tears. But what actually makes him cry?

“I can't resist a good story and this one came to me after reading Justin's hilarious blog," said Little. "If people see themselves in it, then it's meaningful. And to me, meaningful is inspiring.”

The animated short, appropriately titled "Why is Daddy Crying?" was written and directed by Little and features original music by Oisín Little, with voice-acting by Colin Pearson.

Tackling topics such as the Snuggie’s impact on a couple’s sex life and a father’s overprotective threats to his daughter’s future aspiring boyfriends, Chicagoan Lyons is not afraid to cover any family topic on his blog.

“I’m humbled to have JC put together such a funny, well-produced short that so perfectly captures the insanity that is my family,” said Lyons.

View "Why is Daddy Crying?"at Little Animation's YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/littleanimation.

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